About our water repellent textiles

The function of an water repellent textile is unbeatable on a kitchen table. The problem is that most water repellant table cloths available on the market today is made of cheap pvc plastic. Plastic materials just doesn't look great and lacks the flexibility of the original "oilcloth", not to mention being environmentally questionable.

Reviving a classic

We wanted to return to the oilcloth´s origin, but with a more modern and greener impregnation without the use of plastics. Combined with today's more toned classic style and environmentally friendly materials of high quality, we get My Monday's water repellent textiles. We call it the revival of the classic oilcloth!


How we make them

We manufacture our water repellent textiles on a 100% thin cotton cloth, where our designs are pressed and then treated with a water acrylate surface. One of the advantages of water acrylate is that the fabric retains much of its soft impression. This makes our water repellent textiles flexible like a normal tablecloth while being easy to clean, just as one would expect. Water acrylate is also an environmentally friendly and more sustainable alternative to both the classic oilcloth, and today's plastic oilcloth.


Our patterns are designed by Birgitta Andersson and unique for My Monday. Today we have three fantastic varieties that we call Birdie, Apple and Rose.


Keeping it clean

Imagine being able to easily wipe off a dirty cloth after small children have finished eating. Our water repellent textiles are so easy to clean that we made a video showing how to make fix "accidents" just ny using cold running water.

Dirt is simply rinsed off or wiped off with a wet cloth. When the product needs to be washed a little extra, it can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Fabric softeners are not required. Let it air-dry and iron on the wrong side. 

Our water repellent textiles are suitable for all environments. Notice however, all fabrics can become brightened somewhat by prolonged direct sunlight.

Please check out all our water repellent textiles. If you have any questions, ideas or requests then please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!