My Monday Story

Starting a family and live a fast-paced life is a journey that I love. My children inspire and challenge me every day to make smart choices and to constantly discover new things. That is how My Monday Swedish design was created. 


Revive a classic

Having kids and compromising with interior decorations was not something I was prepared to do. Instead I have kept on investing in furniture I love. In our house there is no furniture that our girls cannot use nor room where they cannot go. I like to see our furniture getting used and for the pieces that I am very perticular about, like my wood dining table, I use a tablecloth as protection and prettiness. 



A product that fulfills a smart feature, which facilitates my everyday life as well as being beautiful, is the water repellent textile for me. So my first product would be a water repellent table cloth! But I was to make a revival of the classic oilcloth; and this one would be the best!

Still with features of the smart repellent surface that makes it easy to wipe away spots. Provide a light protection to the table underneath. Designed with beautiful and colorful vivid patterns designed by my talented mother, that makes the home living. And the material used would be made as sustainable and with as little impact on the environment as possible. 


Smart and useful products

My Monday includes more products, all our products are based on our core idea; to make life a little easier and put a silver lining on everyday life.


We just started our journey where great things happen. Join us for the ride and please sign up for our newsletter!